About Me

Hi, I’m Michelle Bondesio,

but please call me Mich (pronounced ‘Mish’).


I’m a business coach and performance mentor. My focus is on behaviour design, digital wellness, and the connection between mindfulness and productivity.


I’m also a writer and podcaster.


Originally from South Africa, I’m currently based in the UK. I work with clients, teams and individuals online around the world.

My  Background

I have a Degree in English and Psychology and a post-grad Diploma in Journalism, plus several short-course qualifications which support my work.


For more than 20 years, I used my communications and project management skills in high-pressure, deadline-driven environments, working with corporate, creative and digital clients.


So, I understand the nature of your business, BUT I’m NOT in your business. That means I can be more objective about your challenges, and how we can make things better.

I’ve witnessed what excess stress, bad communication and poor work habits can do to our wellbeing, productivity, culture and performance.


And I’ve experienced all of this personally too. 

A bout of extreme burnout, and the learning journey I embarked on during my recovery, led me to create Growth Sessions.


‘Better selves’ are proven to be better for business. So now I’m on a mission to transform how we work.

What Others Are Saying

Sean Watts Testimonial

SEAN WATTS – Talent Alchemy

“I worked with Michelle doing a Growth Sessions coaching and mentoring programme in early 2019, to help me refresh and refine my focus after managing my small business for ten years. I was struggling to develop new business as an SME and I needed a kick start!


The process really worked. Michelle has a great style – relaxed, informative and yet authoritative in a way that held me accountable for my actions. The structure, documentation and Skype format combined to provide a thorough, flexible and enjoyable programme.


Growth Sessions has enabled me to repurpose my goals for 2019 and build more structure to help me achieve what I need – and at the same time taking a more holistic view to my work, my health and my social life. I would certainly recommend Michelle to anyone in a similar situation needing to manage professional and personal transitions.”

Laurie Smith Testimonial

LAURIE SMITH – Lancashire Forum Creative

“I commissioned Mich to run a workshop on digital habits and wellbeing at work for an audience of SME owners and managers. The workshop itself was very well received by the participants who took away lots of useful tips and tricks for managing their digital habits and for being more creative and productive at work. Mich pitched the workshop perfectly for the audience and we got great feedback.


Mich was very organised and thorough in her preparation. She adapted her theme to meet our audience’s needs and she delivered the topic in an engaging, warm and accessible way. I look forward to working with her again soon.”

Sirka Moore Testimonial

SIRKA MOORE – BDC Moore Consulting

“I highly recommend Michelle’s workshops and Growth Sessions because they are well structured, relevant to every business person and especially, as she works with the group and makes sure all of our questions are answered.


Michelle knows how to put the participants into centre stage in her workshops, to engage the group and deliver the content in a fun way which makes the whole learning process more enjoyable and retainable.”

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