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A podcast for life and work in motion.

In this podcast series, your host Mich Bondesio explores how to create momentum, work with purpose, and live with intention, to activate our better selves and support better business.


Topics include the latest in behaviour design, creative thinking, digital wellbeing, mindfulness, productivity and the future of work.


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What people are saying...

"If you're looking to make positive changes in your work-life, this podcast is a must-listen! Just brilliant! With Creating Cadence, Mich Bondesio offers a new blueprint for work and life. One that needs both mind and heart. One that asks us to slow down while keeping on moving (I know it might sound like counterintuitive, but it works) because movement creates energy for change. If you're looking to make positive changes in your work-life, this is the podcast you should be listening to!"

Episode 1

Mich Bondesio – the founder of Growth Sessions – explains the purpose of the Creating Cadence podcast, how it came about, and what to expect in terms of topics and format.

Episode 2

Mich Bondesio covers how we can go about creating cadence and the challenges we face in doing so. Episode 2 looks at environments, space, place and movement and touches on concepts such as deep work, digital minimalism and how our digital world impacts on our wellbeing.



Medium – My thoughts on why ‘work/life balance’ is unhelpful

Medium – My first foray into digital minimalism

Cal Newport

The Minimalists

4th Industrial Revolution

NY Times – How to focus on what you’re doing.

Fast Company – 4 steps to help you practice disconnecting

Future of London Blog – Creating Thriving Workplaces through wellbeing and productivity  

New York Times – Rise of the Hustle Culture amongst Millennial


Episode 3

In episode 3, I share ways we can create certainty using presence, perception and perspective as our guide.




Leah Fessler – The Unexpected Joy of Repeat Experiences

Meg Levie – Loving Kindness Meditation

Matthias Horx – The Post Corona World

Mo Gawdat Interview – How To Fail with Elizabeth Day

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Episode 4

Episode 04 comes at a time when the Northern hemisphere traditionally takes a summer break. With the pandemic still in full swing, Mich Bondesio looks at the ways to help our minds and bodies rest, when a holiday is not really an option. 




Matthew Walker –  Ted Talk – Sleep is your superpower
Matthew Walker & Chris Anderson Inteview – Why sleep matters now more than ever
Guardian Article on Matthew’s Book “Why we sleep”

Cal Newport – “Digital Minimalism”

Guardian Article – Health Benefits of Walking

Skillshare Class – Digital Wellness & Productivity at Work


Episode 5

In this episode we’re covering some more C’s that help us to create Cadence. They are curiosity, courage, character and consonance. Our current situation requires us to continue adapting and innovating, so that we can create different, but still supportive ways of living and working. 




Saori Dubourg – Why Progress Needs Courage

Laura Gassner Otting – Pursuing Your Vision of Career Success

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Episode 6

The effect the Liminal Space created by the pandemic can have on our productivity. What we can do to help us navigate through this ‘in-between’ place, when we’re not entirely sure what the future holds.




Definitions and examples of Liminality and Liminal Space

Eric Holthaus in The Correspondent – The Future Earth: A Radical Vision of What’s Possible in the Age of Warming

Fear & Intuition – Liz Gilbert interview for Ted Connect

HBR – Teresa Amabile – The Power of Small Wins

Wired – How to Concentrate Better Working from Home

Doist – Improving focus by working in seasons

James Clear on Productivity

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