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The word ‘Cadence’ is used in endeavours such as cycling, music and dancing to reference and measure pace, rhythm or flow.


It’s why I chose the name for my newsletter and podcast, as they aim to inspire and support people in business to create momentum, work with purpose, and live with more intention.


Cadence is an opportunity for me (Mich Bondesio) to share carefully curated thoughts, ideas and resources about the future of life and work.


The themes we explore range from healthy digital work cultures to more mindful lifestyles. From intentional productivity to habits and behaviour design. From design thinking and creativity at work, to supporting your wellbeing and the planet through more mindful working and conscious living.


What to Expect


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Once or twice a month, I share thoughts, resources and new podcast episodes.


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Episodes are short, bite-sized opportunities for learning, to help you think and do differently. There are 1-2 episodes per month. You need to be signed up to Cadence to access the transcripts and show notes for the podcast.


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As a thank you for subscribing, you’ll also receive the link to a free 12 minute audio training resource to help you bring more mindfulness into your day.


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Praise for Cadence

“It’s clear you put so much into Cadence and I really appreciate your writing style and what you choose to share, and doing it for others to benefit from. I’m looking forward to the next one, having devoured this one I’ll take longer next time!” 

Melanie Burton

Penny Lee Creating Cadence Podcast Testimonial

“I love your writing voice. I am your target audience. The content is excellent. The writing is excellent. The curation strategy is excellent. Looking forward to seeing how this evolves.”

Alycea Snyder

Join the Cadence Club

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Read the sample editions below if you’re not sure.

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Sample Editions

Before Cadence became a podcast, it was a monthly online long-form guide. Each month focused on a specific topic. Cadence has now become audio first, but you can read some of my early written editions below.

No. 8 – August 2019



No. 10 – October 2019

The Dangers of an Inconvenient Life

No. 16 – April 2020

Redefining Productivity


No. 19 – July/August 2020

Meaningful Mindfulness