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The word ‘Cadence’ is used in endeavours such as cycling, music and dancing to reference and measure pace, rhythm or flow.


Cadence is also our monthly guide to life and work in motion. To inspire and support you to create momentum, work with purpose, and live with intention.


Mich Bondesio, the founder of Growth Sessions, carefully crafts and curates thoughts, ideas and resources about the future of life and work.


What to Expect


This is not a newsletter. Each month’s edition takes the form of a thought piece. It’s like a long form magazine article, the kind you’d see in the New Yorker or on Medium. There’s one central theme per edition, explored and woven together by smaller threads and stories. It’s not a 5 minute job, so best read over a cuppa or during your lunch break.


The themes we explore in Cadence range from healthy digital work cultures to more mindful lifestyles. From productivity to habits and behaviour design. From design thinking and creativity at work, to supporting your wellbeing and the planet.


If this is up your street, then join the club.

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Previous Editions

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No 1 – January 2019
No 2 – February 2019
No 3 – March 2019
No 4 – April 2019
No 5 – May 2019
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