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  • Creating Cadence resources
  • Basics & Background articles and links
  • Crypto Exchanges and Wallets
  • NFT & Social Token Marketplaces
  • DAOs & Community Software Platforms built on Web3
  • Metaverse, AR & VR examples



Creating Cadence Podcast (Season 4 & 7)


Creating Cadence Podcast

Episodes focusing on Web 3 and Emerging Technology


Episode 21  – A New Frontier for Life & Work

Episode 22 – Web 3 and the Metaverse – A Primer

Episode 23 – Enabling Technologies

Episode 24 – The Metaverse and Our Wellbeing

Episode 25 – Creativity, Productivity & Business in the Metaverse

Episode 36 – Emerging Tech Trends Review 2022

Episode 37 – The Mindful Metaverse (Caitlin Krause)

Episode 38 –  Community & Connection (Jerod Morris)

Episode 39 – Groundedness in the Metaverse (Sairo UK)

Episode 41 – AI & Creativity (Joanna Penn)


Learning the Basics & Background Resources


What is the Creator Economy – CB Insights (Article)


Odyssey DAO – Sign up to their newsletter for free web 3.0 training.


Whiteboard Crypto – Website & YouTube  – Learn about crypto topics


Coinbase Blog & newsletter (Coinbase is one of the major crypto exchanges and they also have a coinbase wallet, they share clear information and updates about this field. – Learn more about all of crypto and blockchain concepts 


Crypto Fundamentals & NFTs – Patrick Rivera (Presentation)


My BFF – Learning Crypto Together (Website)


NFTs & 1000 True Fans – Chris Dixon, Future A16Z (Article)


WFT is an NFT? Crypto for Beginners (YouTube Video)


Crypto is redefining retirement for workers of all ages – Ascent (Article)


What is the token economy? O Reilly Media (Article)


Into the Metaverse – September 2021 – Wunderman Thompson (Report)


Framework for the Metaverse – Matthew Ball (Article)


Social tokens – What businesses need to know – Michael Stelzner & Joe Pulizzi (Article, Podcast)


10 Crypto Related Terms you should know – Laura Shin, Unchained (Article)


Top 5 Web3 Trends in 2023 – Forbes, Oct 2022



AI Creator Tools


Lex for Writing


Sudowrite for Writing


Jasper for Copywriting


Dall-E for creating graphics and art work


MidJourney for creating graphics and art work


Descript for Podcasting, Transcribing & Video Production


Zencastr for Video and Podcast production



Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)


What’s a DAO – A 5 minute primer for normal people – Roxine Kee (Article)


What are DAOs and how to start one? –


Decentralised Autonomous Organisations: Beyond the Hype – World Economic Forum (Report June 2022)


DAOs: The Basics – Stephensons Law (July 2022)


The future of work involves DAOs & Crypto Networks – Ben Schecter Future A16z  (Article)


What Coops and DAOs can learn from each other – Austin Robey, FWP (Article)



Crypto Exchanges & Wallets






The Curious Beginners Guide to Crypto Wallets – Peter Yang (Article)


Etherscan – view crypto transactions (Public record example)



NFT & Social Token Marketplaces




Ghost Market







Software Platforms built for Web 3


Beyond – helps community builders become web3 enabled


Bonfire – Create a custom web3-native home, powered by your social token & NFTs


Odyssey – learning DAO offering web 3 education



Metaverse, AR & VR Examples


Sandbox Game – Sandbox users use cryptocurrencies to pay for properties and items in its metaverse that are also managed by a blockchain in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)


Decentraland3D virtual world platform where you can buy and sell land, real estate, avatars and wearables – Metaverse Platform for hosting exhibitions


Sairo – Metaverse Development Company (Slidedeck Promo)


Lost Horizons Glastonbury VR Experience on Sansar (YouTube)


Rockhunter VR


Nequinox Games Studio


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