Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions? Still unsure?


This is the page where we cover all the reasons why you might be frightened to commit to working with me.


I’ll do my best to explain why there’s no need to fear, and how Growth Sessions can bring value to you and your team. 😀

I don’t have TIME to invest in myself or my team.


This process helps you / your team to work more effectively, so that you have more time, because you use your time in a better way.

I don’t have the MONEY to invest in myself.


Investing in yourself now, so that you can build stronger foundations, saves you the cost of taking unpaid time off work, due to burnout later.


Building your resilience and strengthening your working practices reduces the risk of failed projects or poor outcomes and increases the opportunity for you and your business to thrive.


There are several ways you can engage with Growth Sessions, so we can find one that will fit your pocket.

I don’t have the MONEY to invest in my team.


Investing in your team not only makes your business more sustainable, it will help your business and your people thrive, as it improves retention, engagement and performance.


Growth Sessions enable you to empower your team to better support themselves. This means less risk and cost to your business in the long run.


There are a few different Growth Sessions packages and payment options to suit your budget.

It’s not RELEVANT to me / my team.


The nature of how we work is changing fast as the digital workplace becomes our norm.


Conscious working practices and a purpose-driven focus will optimise your performance whilst supporting your wellbeing. They will also differentiate you in a packed, stressed out market. 


Building strong, resilient, effective teams who are able to thrive in an increasingly uncertain business environment, will be what sets you apart from your competition, and what helps your business sustain and grow no matter what lies ahead.


Don’t get left behind. Stay ahead of the pack.

I don’t want to pay a lump sum up front. What are my options?

No probs, whilst you do get a discount for paying up front for mentoring packages, flexible payment options are available too.


For the mentoring packages, you can pay in two instalments (50% up front and 50% on completion) or in three or four equal payments, depending on the duration of your package.


One-off sessions, talks and workshops are paid up front on receipt of invoice.


Payments are via electronic bank transfer, BACS, Stripe or GoCardless Direct Debit. 

What’s it like working with you, Mich?

I like a relaxed approach to learning, living and working, where you can bring your whole self to what you do.


My culture is one where it’s okay to wear jeans to work. I’m allergic to corporate buzzwords and as a South African, I tend to be a bit direct (but also polite). This is a good thing when you need objective, honest feedback.


I’m a realistic optimist at heart and curiosity is one of my key traits. But I’m also earnest about my work and serious about helping people to activate their potential. It’s my desire to help us all become more purpose-driven in the way we do business. 🙂


My focus is on using the Growth Sessions Framework to help people structure more effective approaches to work, and to embed the notion of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ (People, Planet, Profit) into everything we do.


You can find out more about me and Growth Sessions on the About page.

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