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Mini Growth Sessions

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Mini Growth Sessions are pocket-sized learning opportunities.

They come in various formats and they are free.


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The ‘Life & Work in Motion’ Podcast is something new we’re developing in 2020. If you sign up for Cadence, our free monthly guide, you’ll get notified when they go live.


Before Growth Sessions grew up and became a proper thing, (and got its own website), I first started sharing my thoughts via a series of 1 minute ‘how to’ videos.


The focus of these Mini Growth Sessions videos is on ways to strengthen our wellbeing and activate our potential.


I’m really dorky in some of these early videos and many are downright cheesy. You’ll definitely learn a thing or two though, along with having a giggle. 😀


The first few are listed below, check out the rest on YouTube.

Check out the rest on YouTube.

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