What are Growth Sessions?

Growth Sessions are a form of leadership coaching and performance mentoring for individuals and teams, created by Michelle Bondesio. They help business people in tech, creative and digital spaces to activate more of their potential, and manage their stress, time and attention better.


Following the Growth Sessions Framework, each option provides simple, relatable, practical opportunities to better support you and your team’s wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

The Focus and Approach


The focus is on mindset and mindfulness, digital habits and work behaviours, communication styles and culture, as well as how systems and processes can support us to live and work better.


The approach is a combination of coaching, strategic facilitation and collaboration, using design thinking techniques.


Together we co-create and build more supportive, intentional practices that enhance your business culture and improve your business performance. See below for options.

Better selves are better for business.


The “future of work” necessitates that you are more purpose-driven and intentional in how you operate your business. This way of working is going to become a crucial differentiator for your company’s sustainability and success.


Don’t get left behind…

Choose Your Preferred Option

As an individual, you can benefit from taking one of my self-paced courses.


If you’re a busy business leader with a team to manage, then have a look at the skill-specific talks or workshops, and the strategic activation sessions.


If you’re not sure if Growth Sessions is right for you, check out the checklist below and see what others are saying about their experiences of Growth Sessions too.


Click on the options to view more detail.

What People are Saying…

Jill Cowgill TestimonialJILL COWGILL

RIBA CA AABC Conservation Architect & Director

North West Design Collective


“I think the programme has helped us tremendously, not only as a new company defining our work ethic and manifesto, but as individuals too. It has helped us reflect on what work means for us and how this might affect others we interact with.


I loved doing this with you. It has really made a difference to me personally and for our business.”


Creative Director – Rockhunter North Team


“I love that the focus is on you and makes you think about how to improve yourself. I liked talking openly about topics you normally don’t even think to discuss. Having an insight into how small changes can help achieve your goals allowed me to take things slower and not want instant success.


Mich was great at connecting with all members and I think that really helped people to open up and have a more beneficial experience. She makes you think about the smaller things in life that can have a massive affect in the way we work and live.


This is presented very informatively with a practical activity after each session to make sure you have understood the topic. The benefits of the course is to make a better you. To consciously think about what you would like to do and the small steps to enable you to do it.”

Mich Bondesio Growth Sessions Founder

Why Growth Sessions?

Research shows that thriving people underpin thriving businesses. Yet, for knowledge workers, whose attention is a precious commodity, our working styles online can be detrimental to our wellbeing, productivity and creativity.


It makes economic sense to develop the potential of your people and help them support their focus and attention better.

What People are Saying…

Emma Gibson TestimonialEMMA LOUISE GIBSON

Strategic Consultant – Brand, PR & Marketing


“I loved the variation of content and subjects, yet how aligned they stayed with the theme of mindfulness and intentional living running throughout, alongside some practical operational considerations for business usage. I learnt a lot about mindsets and learning styles. Mich has a calming influence, yet keeps you engaged throughout. This worked well considering the topics we were covering.”

Kieran Taylor Bradshaw TestimonialKIERAN TAYLOR-BRADSHAW

Co-founder – Snug Media Design Agency


“As a new business, this has come at a perfect time, which is early enough for us to make the changes quickly while we are still a small team.


For me as a business owner, it was a chance to step back and review what is going on inside the day to day running of the business, and what can be changed to make a positive impact on the business moving forward.


The programme helps educate and teach people new ways to look at their business and gives them ideas and solutions to make improvements that will save them time, money and health in the long run. I think each area was relevant and it was clear that research had been done and each session was delivered with understanding and knowledge. They were enjoyable, educational and valuable.


Taking the time to set-up the foundations now will help our company move forward more efficiently and grow faster.

Are Growth Sessions Right For You?

Are you a Consultant, Freelancer & Solopreneur?

You’re a freelancer, seasoned consultant, or independent professional. Or you’ve transitioned in your career to start an entirely new thing on your own. Either way, you are juggling several roles.


When not with clients, you work solo – perhaps from home or at a coworking space. You’re reliant on digital tools to help you create, communicate and deliver your work.


You need to take the next step  in your business – perhaps developing a new product, organising a launch event, managing your workflow better, or entering a new market – but you’re feeling stressed, lost, overwhelmed or pressured about taking it.


You’re struggling to manage your time and stay productive and focused. And it’s taking a toll on your wellbeing too.

Are you a Busy Business Owner or Leader with a Team?

You have a team OR several smaller teams that work together in your company. The work you do is creative &/or technical in nature, and involves using digital tools. Your company may be a tech startup, marketing agency, design studio, or architecture firm. Or something in between.


Your workflow is deadline-driven and your workplace is a high-pressure environment.


You and your team may be feeling stressed and stretched. Things at work are not working quite the way they should, and it’s affecting performance and productivity.


You know you need help to activate some changes that will create better cadence at work. So that you can optimise your business performance. And support your team better, so that they can help you do that.

What People are Saying…

Rachel Simpson TestimonialRACHEL SIMPSON

Owner – Bird Brand & Design Consultancy


“I love the concept of this programme. Mich has a lovely way of making you feel comfortable and not judged at all. The mentoring programme helped me because it gave me the time to stop and think and reflect on a few things.


It’s good for making you look at how you work and certain behaviours you have in your work and personal life, around process, technology overuse, stress and culture. The exercises really made me think differently. My key learning was that small changes over time make a big difference.”

Eleanor Wood RIBA TestimonialEleanor Wood

RIBA Architect & Director – North West Design Collective


“Mich encourages people to feel positive about themselves and to make positive changes in the way they work and their environments. This is really beneficial as it helps people to perform to the best of their ability, to feel in control and feel positive.


I like the way that all of the elements are shown to relate to each other. Rather than a work life balance approach, the Growth Sessions approach shows how the key elements work together across all sections of life, creating a rhythm of success and positivity.”

Jack Rowbotham Bio PicJACK ROWBOTHAM

Illustrator – Rockhunter North Team


“The whole framework and the exercises we completed during the programme really helped to tie together the issues we face in our daily work routines, and the direction we need to take in order to alleviate or attempt to eradicate the problems.


I liked how you made things relatable to your own life and work background, so we could see an insight into how it’s helped you, but also to make it easier for us to open up collectively.”

Find out what other people are saying about their Growth Sessions experience, on the Testimonials Page.

Need something different?

Looking for something more bespoke to your situation? No probs, my facilitation and coaching approaches can be customised to suit your specific needs too.


Perhaps it’s a longer coaching programme for your team or an activation weekend for your team leaders. I’ve got experience in helping company owners solve their challenges in a variety of supportive, fun and interesting ways.


Book a call for a 30 minute chat or send me an email, so that we can explore your needs and options.