For Consultants, Freelancers & Solopreneurs

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You’re a freelancer, seasoned consultant, or independent professional. Or you’ve transitioned in your career to start an entirely new thing on your own.


When not with clients, you work solo – perhaps from home or at a coworking space. You’re reliant on digital tools to help you create, communicate and deliver your work.


You need to take the next step – perhaps developing a new product, organising a launch event, managing your workflow better, or entering a new market – but are feeling stressed, lost, overwhelmed or pressured about taking it. And it’s taking a toll on your wellbeing too.


You’ll benefit from a one-off 121 Activation Session or a longer-term 121 Mentoring Programme.  If you want to add adventure to the mix, join us for an Activation Weekend.

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Each of these options has been built using

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