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Business performance coaching and mentoring for teams working in high-pressure environments.

Growth Sessions Team Options include skill-specific workshops, coaching & mentoring programmes, and strategy execution sessions. To activate your team’s potential and improve your business performance.

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You have a small team OR several smaller teams that work together in your company.


The work you do is creative &/or technical in nature, and involves using digital tools. So your company may be a tech startup, marketing agency, design studio, or architecture firm.


Your workflow is deadline-driven and your workplace is a high-pressure environment. You and your team may be feeling stressed and stretched.


Things are not working out quite the way they should. You want to make things better, but you’re not sure where to start.

Growth Sessions Team Options

A one-off  Workshop, a series of Strategy Sessions, or a longer Coaching & Mentoring Programme, can help you and your team forge the right path forwards.


Each of the Team Options has been built using the Growth Sessions Framework, to guide, inform and support you during your experience.


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What People are Saying…


Creative Director – Rockhunter North Team


“I love that the focus is on you and makes you think about how to improve yourself. I liked talking openly about topics you normally don’t even think to discuss. Having an insight into how small changes can help achieve your goals allowed me to take things slower and not want instant success.


Mich was great at connecting with all members and I think that really helped people to open up and have a more beneficial experience. She makes you think about the smaller things in life that can have a massive affect in the way we work and live.


This is presented very informatively with a practical activity after each session to make sure you have understood the topic. The benefits of the course is to make a better you. To consciously think about what you would like to do and the small steps to enable you to do it.”

Jill Cowgill TestimonialJILL COWGILL

RIBA CA AABC Conservation Architect & Director

North West Design Collective


“I think the programme has helped us tremendously, not only as a new company defining our work ethic and manifesto, but as individuals too. It has helped us reflect on what work means for us and how this might affect others we interact with.


I loved doing this with you. It has really made a difference to me personally and for our business.”

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