121 Activation Sessions

Activation Sessions are intensive, one-off Coaching and Strategy Sessions


For Consultants, Freelancers, Solopreneurs and Micro-Business Owners


What are 1 to 1 activation sessions for?


You may be transitioning in your work or business and you’ve got stuck. Perhaps you’re looking to develop a new product, service or way of working and need a sounding board to bounce your ideas. Or perhaps you need to make changes to your workflow, systems or processes, so you can work more effectively, but you’re not sure where to start. You might be super stressed at work and need an objective viewpoint on ways to help reduce the workload and stress load.


Did you get started, but hit a few bumps? Then you would benefit from some perspective and outside counsel. From someone who has been in your shoes (and who has done this many times with others in your shoes).


The Focus:


An intensive one-to-one 2 hour clarity and strategy session, online via Skype or Zoom.




Gain objective insights and support on specific performance, productivity, workflow, business growth, communication or wellbeing challenges.

An opportunity to problem solve, validate ideas, set goals and plan.

Input on creating a roadmap you can follow to help you take action.

A second pair of eyes and ears to help you pick a path, get organised and/or ensure you’re on the right track.


Benefits / Value:


A sounding board to help you work things out, helpful when you work mainly on your own.

Empowers you to both plan AND activate, so you can take the next step.

Validation, problem solving, support and peace of mind.

Helps you align your business goals and your personal needs.


What people are saying?


Jane Fox Testimonial“In a short space of time I had an understanding of how and why I work the way I do and a plan to go forward to improve it. Mich is easy to work with, her friendly open manner makes it easy to relax with her and talk about personal issues with how you work.” ~ Jane Fox (Ceramics Business Owner)



Rachel Simpson Testimonial“Mich has a lovely way of making you feel comfortable and not judged at all. It’s good for making you look at how you work and certain behaviours you have in your work and personal life, around process, technology overuse, stress and culture.” ~ Rachel Simpson (Designer & Strategist)



Eleanor Wood RIBA Testimonial“Mich encourages people to feel positive about themselves and to make positive changes in the way they work and their environments.” ~ Eleanor Wood (Architect)



Rate: £300 for a 2 hour session 




One-off payment required up front (you will be invoiced).


Includes recording of the discussion for you to revert back to in your own time.


You’ll also complete a pre-session questionnaire in advance, to help us focus on what matters most.


This questionnaire is the starting point for what we’ll cover and helps get you into the right frame of mind for our session.


We will finish the session by setting out next steps for you, so that you can start taking action immediately.


Contact Mich to book a session.

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