121 Coaching Programme

8 Week Coaching Programme

For Consultants, Freelancers, Solopreneurs & Micro-Business Owners

An ideal one-to-one coaching programme for when you’re in a place of transition in your work or your life, and finding it hard to do it on your own.


You need accountability and results, but you don’t have the time or capacity to work through a three or six month programme.


You want a flexible approach with simple steps and guidance to help you take action quickly.


This coaching programme will help you to activate more potential in your business and initiate more mindful ways to live and work.


It will also help you to develop better practices to manage your stress, build more cadence into your life, and do more meaningful things with the time you have.


I help you to become your Future You.


This is an opportunity for you to work with me in an intimate, action-focused manner.


You could be wanting to make change within your career or business, or wanting to make improvements in the daily practices that support your life and work.


Whatever the change, it’s all connected. Making change is affected by both our mindset and our practices.


As part of this coaching programme and mentoring process, we’ll delve into the habits, behaviours and actions which will help you to step up. To make the changes you want to make.


We’ll reflect on your goals, come up with an easily implementable plan, and each week get you taking the right steps to embed more supportive practices into your work and life.

Eleanor Wood RIBA TestimonialEleanor Wood

RIBA Architect & Director – North West Design Collective


“Mich encourages people to feel positive about themselves and to make positive changes in the way they work and their environments. This is really beneficial as it helps people to perform to the best of their ability, to feel in control and feel positive.


I like the way that all of the elements are shown to relate to each other. Rather than a work life balance approach, the Growth Sessions Coaching Programme shows how the key elements work together across all sections of life, creating a rhythm of success and positivity.”

The Content


As part of the programme, we’ll look at your approach to your foundations, processes, performance and culture, and how these impact specifically on your work and life.


During the coaching sessions, we focus on mindset, mindfulness approaches, habits, behaviours, systems and processes. Areas where you can activate small changes that have a knock on positive effect on your business and your performance. We’ll set goals and start implementing small changes right from the start.


This coaching programme uses the Growth Sessions Framework as our guide to help you find clarity, take action and achieve the results you want, with support at every step. The programme structure is modified to fit your specific requirements, so that you benefit from a unique and bespoke experience.




The programme includes an engaging mix of learning, sounding board, conversation, strategy, planning, troubleshooting and action taking.


– Flexibility: scheduled sessions which fit around your life and work.


– Relevant: Simple and practical sessions with easy application in your life and work.


– Reflection: an opportunity to review and adjust your approach to life and work.


– Accountability and guidance: helping you to take action to achieve your goals.


– Helps you to redesign behaviours, habits, processes and practices to better suit your life and work style.


– Payment Options to suit your pocket.


This programme includes practical reflection exercises and action steps to help create the momentum you need to make change and cement new behaviours.

Sean Watts TestimonialSEAN WATTS

HR Consultant – TalentAlchemy


“I worked with Michelle doing a Growth Sessions coaching programme to help me refresh and refine my focus after managing my small business for ten years. I was struggling to develop new business as an SME and I needed a kick start!


The process really worked. Michelle has a great style – relaxed, informative and yet authoritative in a way that held me accountable for my actions. The structure, documentation and Skype format combined to provide a thorough, flexible and enjoyable programme.


The Growth Sessions programme has enabled me to repurpose my goals and build more structure to help me achieve what I need – and at the same time taking a more holistic view to my work, my health and my social life. I would certainly recommend Michelle to anyone in a similar situation needing to manage professional and personal transitions.”



Transformative – helps you become a better ‘you’ at work and in life.


Goal oriented – improves your personal and professional outcomes.


Reduces risk and uncertainty – by helping you take control.


Supports your wellbeing and performance – learn to manage your stress better and develop more intentional, mindful approaches to work.


Improved processes and workflow – helps you become better at what you do by improving how you do it.


Aligns your dreams and goals with a triple bottom line – supporting a more sustainable future for you and your business.

Emma Gibson TestimonialEMMA LOUISE GIBSON

Strategic Consultant – Brand, PR & Marketing


“I loved the variation of content and subjects, yet how aligned they stayed with the theme of mindfulness and intentional living running throughout, alongside some practical operational considerations for business usage.


I learnt a lot about mindsets and learning styles. Mich has a calming influence, yet keeps you engaged throughout. This worked well considering the topics we were covering.”

What’s Expected?



A commitment to going “all in”.


That means that you are open to learning and thinking about what you do in a different way, even if that feels a bit uncomfortable. It means you show up for our meetings prepared, and don’t cancel unless there’s a valid reason).


You also need to be committed to carrying out the action steps we decide upon, and use the time in between our meetings to practice and implement what we cover in our sessions. This could be to do with your mindset, behaviour, habits, systems, processes, or routines.


If you don’t, you won’t benefit from this coaching.


If you’re NOT committed, then you waste my time, and your time.


If you’re not 100% sure, then this programme is NOT for you. And that’s ok. I prefer to work with people who are ready and committed to doing the work.


When you’re ready, I’m here.

Steff Evans TestimonialSTEFFAN EVANS

Evotech Engineering Consultant


“Mich has a great background in understanding what makes people ‘tick’, and how a variety of reflection and self-care methods can help.”

What’s Involved?





This 8 Week Growth Sessions Coaching Programme includes:


Pre-session questionnaire


1 x Kickstart Session (2 hours) to explore challenges and set targets


3 x weekly Zoom Calls (1 hour) in first 4 weeks (+ recordings to keep)


2 x fortnightly Zoom calls (1 hour) in last 4 weeks (+ recordings)


Emails to check in, keep you on track and share resources


Private Google Drive with worksheets and resources to support your transition


Access to me via WhatsApp/Signal (text message and voice recordings) for programme duration




* one-off payment up front


Or Payment Plan Options:


£1050 x 2 instalments (paid up front and at week 5*) = £2100 total 


£750 x 3 instalments (up front, week 4 & week 8*) = £2250 total 


* Terms:


Payment is via direct debit with GoCardless/Stripe. You’ll receive invoice/s and pre-agree a mandate. Paypal payments can be arranged too, if you’d prefer to pay via a credit card.


Note: If you sign up for a one-off Activation Session first, and then decide to take on the longer coaching programme afters (within a month of that session), then the cost of your Activation session will be deducted from the total price you pay for the programme. 


The Activation session covers the same work we would do in the first Kickoff session of the coaching programme.

Who am I and why am I doing this?


Mich Bondesio Bio PicI’m Mich – pronounced ‘Mish’-  a coach and consultant with more than 20 years of experience in Communications and Project Management.


I’ve worked across a wide range of creative and digital industries.


Each experience shared a common thread – that of high-pressure, deadline-driven work environments and people struggling to work well within them.


I’ve also got first hand, lived experience of extreme burnout. A few years ago I was forced to change how I live and work, after being physically incapable of working for more than a year.


This experience also led to a long, deep learning journey to uncover how our brains and bodies work, why they respond to stress the way they do, and the ways we can support ourselves and our work better.


Since 2018, I’ve had the opportunity to offer Growth Sessions talks, workshops, coaching sessions and mentoring programmes on a variety of topics related to digital wellness, intentional productivity, mindset and potential.


What I am (and not).


I AM a business coach and performance mentor.  I’m NOT a psychologist, holistic practitioner, or a life coach.


We are NOT going to do NLP or EFT or discuss your past or anything that requires therapy or medication. Instead  I use my experience and insights to help you build better business practices and better life practices that will support you and your business better.


We focus on mindset, mindfulness approaches, habits, behaviours, systems and processes. We work together to help you build foundational, mindful practices and develop and implement action steps that support your business, your performance and your potential.


I help you to become your “future you” at work and in life, without any woo-woo.


Growth Sessions have helped hundreds of people to find different ways of living and working which enable them to activate their productivity, enhance their creativity and support their wellbeing better. So they can build more cadence into their days. Visit the Testimonial page to see what others have to say.


I’d love the opportunity to help you find a better way to live and work too. 

Contact Mich to find out more about this programme and to book in your coaching sessions.