Activation Weekends

A comfortable space in which to do uncomfortable things.


For professionals who are in a place of transition in your business or life.


Four day Retreats in Chamonix, Wales and the Lake District.


These Activation Weekends aren’t retreats in the traditional sense, as they are more about helping you step up or step forward, rather than taking a step back or a step away from your life.


They are a simple space in which to think, plan and grow.

They are a safe space in which to consider and activate change.

They are a supported space in which to stretch yourself.


So you can make the necessary changes to move your life and business forward.

4 Pillars:


These weekends are designed and planned around 4 pillars, to ensure you have a truly beneficial activation experience.


Comfort – Delicious food and a comfy bed.


Challenge – Adventurous, exciting and mindful activities that will stretch your body and your mind.


Inspiration – Energising, outdoor experiences that harness the power of nature.


Growth – Workshop sessions to help you prioritise and activate the change you want to make.

What do Activation Weekends involve?


Four days and three nights in a beautiful location with comfortable beds, delicious food and super cool activities.


Group sizes are 5 to 7 people. You can come on your own, or with a friend or co-founder. Or you can book an activation weekend for your company team.


Whilst these weekends are essentially about ‘doing the work’ to help you take your next step, they are also a chance to have a fun experience, whilst doing exciting and different activities, in beautiful and inspiring environments.


You may not know the other guests to start, but you all have something in common. You’re all embarking on a new journey of activating change. So you’re not alone.

Benefits / Value:


Supports your wellbeing with fresh air, movement and mindful activities.

Creates perspective by taking you out of your usual environment.

Creates space to focus, review, address challenges and develop goals.

Helps you align your business goals with your personal needs.

Prepares you to take the next step in your business journey.


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