Self-Paced Courses

Prefer learning on your own?

Not ready to commit to working face-to-face? How about self-paced?


I also offer online classes on Skillshare (a training platform for creative professionals) and Listenable (an audio learning platform).


These are shorter video and audio courses which are an affordable way to engage with me and my work, before you decide to take a deeper dive.



Current Self-Paced Courses:



1. Listenable


This audio learning format makes it easy to learn on the go, in bite-sized chunks.

How to Master Intentional Productivity - Listenable Banner


Audio Course: How to Master Intentional Productivity


The goal of this Listenable audio course is to help you ace your work day, every day, by developing your intentional productivity practices. You’ll learn how to improve your focus and get more meaningful work done, whilst also supporting your wellbeing.


You can sign up for 7 days of free learning access to Listenable, before paid membership kicks in – plenty of time to listen to this class. PLUS, if you decide to sign up for paid membership, use this special link and the coupon code – michellebondesio – to get a 30% discount on your membership.


2. Skillshare


Skillshare premium membership is an affordable way for you to brush up on a host of supportive skills, including the ones I’m teaching. You can sign up for Skillshare premium on a monthly or annual subscription and your first two months are free. Plenty of time to do these classes before you decide if you want to pay for more.

Digital Wellness & Productivity Skillshare Banner


GS 3: Digital Wellness & Productivity at Work


Great both for teams and individuals, this class will help you develop more mindful approaches to work that support your creativity, wellbeing and productivity.


GS 2: Leadership & Communication Skills


It’s common to think that leadership is only about what happens out there in the world, but to be a good leader starts with being able to lead yourself first. This class will get you started.


GS 1: How to create Performance-Enhancing Routines


The class helps you to create two simple and effective daily routines that will enhance your wellbeing and elevate your performance, both at work and in life.



3. Alternatives


If you think you might not be disciplined enough (yet) to work through a self-paced course on your own, there are other options.


You can also schedule a quick call or send me an email to discuss your specific requirements.