Strategic Activation Sessions

To help you activate the changes you want to make in your company.


Strategic Activation and Execution Sessions for Business Owners with Teams.


Coaching and facilitation using design thinking techniques to guide and activate change.


You might be looking to improve workflow and processes. Or to start new wellbeing practices at work that support your team’s productivity. Perhaps you’re looking to adapt the company’s approach to culture. Or you may need to implement new communication styles that suit a more hybrid and distributed working approach.


Goals in these types of sessions usually include the need to enhance team cohesion and support team performance, to solve a problem, experiment with ideas and/or make big decisions, creating alignment around strategic priorities.


What it involves:


I help you work through specific problems, or flesh out a solution you’ve already decided on, but are not sure how to activate.


These Activation Sessions are an opportunity for dedicated time and focus, to develop the right conversations and create the momentum you need to make change.


A choice of facilitation formats:


Half-day or full-day workshops, and/or a series of shorter strategic execution sessions – see package options below. 


Bringing in an outside facilitator enables you, as the business owner or leadership team, to take part in the sessions rather than having to run them.


We’ll use design thinking techniques and a consolidated design sprint format to help you figure out the best way forward and the steps you need to take to get you there. We keep the groups small (usually 2 – 5 people), to ensure the experience is agile and fluid.


Why is this helpful to you and your company?


Working with me brings our best thinking together as we strategise, plan, co-create and maximise your activation efforts.


It brings an objective viewpoint into the team, helping you to see aspects of your situation through different eyes.


I facilitate the change-making discussions with focus and direction, to ensure we stay on track with the task at hand.


The sessions can be customised to suit your particular team’s needs. They can be run online using Zoom and Mural, or in person.


Activation Session Package Options:


Half-Day Workshop Package: £ 1,750 GBP


Includes design and facilitation of 1x 2.5 hour workshop for 2 – 7 people*, plus 1 x pre-workshop call (exploration) and 1 x post-workshop call (consolidation).


Design Sprint Series: £ 3,000 GBP


Design and facilitation of 2 x 2 hour workshops for 2 – 7 people*, run on separate days. Cost includes 1 x pre-workshop exploration call and 1 x post-workshop consolidation call.


Strategic Activation Series: £ 3,000 GBP


Includes design and facilitation of 3 x 90 minute strategy sessions held over 6-12 weeks, plus pre-session exploration meeting.


* Terms: 50% deposit payment up front. All rates exclude travel costs (if required, and not local).


Contact Mich to chat about your specific needs.
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