Strategy Sessions

To help you activate the changes you want to make in your company.


Company Strategy Sessions for business owners with small teams.


What it involves:


I help you work through a specific problem, or flesh out a solution you’ve already decided on, but are not sure how to activate. The changes you wish to make could be around work flow and processes, or about initiating new wellbeing practices, or adjusting the company’s approach to culture.


We’ll use design thinking techniques to help you figure out the best way forward and the steps you need to take to get you there.


Afterwards, you’ll receive a recording of our session, plus a summary of key points and a proposed action plan for next steps.


Why is this helpful to you and your company?


Working with me brings our best thinking together to strategise, plan and maximise your activation efforts in the shortest amount of time.


It brings an objective viewpoint into the team, to help you to see important aspects of your situation through different eyes.


I facilitate the change-making discussions with focus, to ensure we stay on track with the task at hand.


Rates start from £550 for a 2.5 hour online session for 2-5 people. Two to three sessions are usually required to get you where you need to go.


Contact Mich to chat about your specific needs