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The aim of my talks and workshops are to educate and inform your people about ways to improve wellbeing, productivity and business performance. These are usually the first step in raising awareness about different, more mindful ways of working that support your team and your business better.




– Simple, practical, social learning.

– Relaxed delivery style encourages engagement.

– Learning can be implemented straight away through simple actions.

– Opportunity to gain clarity on wellbeing and performance challenges.


Benefits / Value:


Growth Sessions topic-specific talks and workshops help your team to develop more cohesive thinking about mindful approaches at work.


Equips people with essential knowledge to support their wellbeing, productivity and performance better.


Helps people better manage their stress and wellbeing.


Acts as a trigger to initiate change.


A chance to learn about and implement new habits, behaviours, work styles and processes.


Supports team cohesion, performance and building better business cultures.




– Intentional productivity and mindfulness at work

– Technology, digital health and wellbeing at work

– Conscious breathing skills

– Workflows that work for you

– How to ace your work game by managing your stress better

– Changing how you work to avoid burnout

– Paper-based productivity: an introduction to Bullet Journaling


Short, interactive and action-based ONLINE SESSIONS:


Starting rate for workshops is £650 GPB

Workshops are usually 2 to 2.5 hours


Starting rate for talks is £300 GBP

Talks are 30-45 minutes in duration, with 15 mins for Q&A


(rates dependent on group size, location and duration).


Contact Mich so we can have a chat to discuss your requirements.

What people are saying …

Laurie Smith TestimonialLAURIE SMITH

Project Lead – Lancashire Forum Creative


“I commissioned Mich to run a workshop on digital habits and wellbeing at work for an audience of SME owners and managers. The workshop itself was very well received by the participants who took away lots of useful tips and tricks for managing their digital habits and for being more creative and productive at work. Mich pitched the workshop perfectly for the audience and we got great feedback.


Mich was very organised and thorough in her preparation. She adapted her theme to meet our audience’s needs and she delivered the topic in an engaging, warm and accessible way. I look forward to working with her again soon.”

Sirka Moore TestimonialSIRKA MOORE

Business Consultant – BDC Moore Consulting


“I highly recommend Michelle’s workshops and Growth Sessions because they are well structured, relevant to every business person and especially, as she works with the group and makes sure all of our questions are answered.


Michelle knows how to put the participants into centre stage in her workshops, to engage the group and deliver the content in a fun way which makes the whole learning process more enjoyable and retainable.”

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