Spring Specials 2020

With Spring on it’s way, change is just around the corner.


It’s also the best time to activate more of your business potential!

Introducing the Growth Sessions Spring Special for March and April 2020


If you’re grappling with the next step you need to take in your business, stuck on how to do it best, Growth Sessions can help you to activate the changes that will get you going again.  


For the month of March and April, I’m offering a Spring Special to help you do just that. 


This is THE BEST INVESTMENT you will make in yourself and your business all year!

Discounted 121 Activation Sessions


Mich Bondesio 121 Activation Sessions Emma


Are you a Freelancer, Consultant or Tiny Team wanting to make progress in your business, but feeling a bit overwhelmed by your choices?


121 Activation Sessions offer bite-sized, one-off access to problem solving support and a sounding board, giving you the peace of mind and help to take the next step faster.


These are intensive 2 hour strategy sessions with me (Mich Bondesio). We can do them online via Skype/Zoom. There’s a questionnaire before hand to narrow down the challenge you want to focus on. And afterwards, you get notes and a set of actions you can take to reach your next step.


Discounted Rate for April: £150.

(You save £45 off the usual rate for a 2 hour Activation Session)


Find out more about what this involves, and express your interest, by completing the contact form.


What people are saying about working with me, the mentoring programme and more.

“I loved the variation of content and subjects, yet how aligned they stayed with the theme of mindfulness and intentional living running throughout, alongside some practical operational considerations for business usage. I learnt a lot about mindsets and learning styles. Mich has a calming influence, yet keeps you engaged throughout. This worked well considering the topics we were covering.”

Emma Louise Gibson

Strategic Consultant – Brand, PR & Marketing

“I love that the focus is on you and makes you think about how to improve yourself. I liked talking openly about topics you normally don’t even think to discuss. Having an insight into how small changes can help achieve your goals allowed me to take things slower and not want instant success.


Mich was great at connecting with all members and I think that really helped people to open up and have a more beneficial experience. She makes you think about the smaller things in life that can have a massive affect in the way we work and live.


This is presented very informatively with a practical activity after each session to make sure you have understood the topic. The benefits of the course is to make a better you. To consciously think about what you would like to do and the small steps to enable you to do it.”


Matthew Smithurst

Creative Director – Rockhunter North Team

“I think the programme has helped us tremendously, not only as a new company defining our work ethic and manifesto, but as individuals too. It has helped us reflect on what work means for us and how this might affect others we interact with.


I loved doing this with you. It has really made a difference to me personally and for our business.”

Jill Cowgill

RIBA CA AABC Conservation Architect & Director

North West Design Collective

“I love the concept of this programme. Mich has a lovely way of making you feel comfortable and not judged at all. The mentoring programme helped me because it gave me the time to stop and think and reflect on a few things.


It’s good for making you look at how you work and certain behaviours you have in your work and personal life, around process, technology overuse, stress and culture. The exercises really made me think differently. My key learning was that small changes over time make a big difference.”


Rachel Simpson

Owner – Bird Brand & Design Consultancy

“The whole framework and the exercises we completed during the programme really helped to tie together the issues we face in our daily work routines, and the direction we need to take in order to alleviate or attempt to eradicate the problems.


I liked how you made things relatable to your own life and work background, so we could see an insight into how it’s helped you, but also to make it easier for us to open up collectively.”


Jack Rowbotham

Illustrator – Rockhunter North Team

“Mich encourages people to feel positive about themselves and to make positive changes in the way they work and their environments. This is really beneficial as it helps people to perform to the best of their ability, to feel in control and feel positive.


I like the way that all of the elements are shown to relate to each other. Rather than a work life balance approach, the Growth Sessions Mentoring Programme shows how the key elements work together across all sections of life, creating a rhythm of success and positivity.”


Eleanor Wood

RIBA Architect & Director – North West Design Collective



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