What people are saying about Growth Sessions

I’ve been fortunate to get fantastic feedback and testimonials from people who have attended the various workshops, talks, coaching programmes and mentoring sessions I’ve delivered so far.


Take a look below at how other people have experienced Growth Sessions, what they think of them, and how they have benefitted.

Talks, Workshops, Coaching Sessions & Mentoring Programmes

Testimonial Nadia Buza

“Mich was great at connecting with all members and I think that really helped people to open up and have a more beneficial experience.” ~ Matthew Smithurst (Creative Director)


“Mich has a lovely way of making you feel comfortable and not judged at all. She is the brand.” ~ Rachel Simpson (Designer)


“I liked how you made things relatable to your own life and work background, so we could see an insight into how it’s helped you, but also to make it easier for us to open up collectively.” ~ Jack Rowbotham (3D Artist)

Testimonial - Danielle Hughes

“Mich has a great background in understanding what makes people ‘tick’, and how a variety of reflection and self-care methods can help.” ~ Steffan Evans (Engineering Consultant)


“Something Mich does that many people do not, is listen. She learns about you and your team throughout the course and to help make the sessions more relatable and valuable.” ~ Kieran Taylor Bradshaw (Web Agency Director)


“Mich has a calming influence, yet keeps you engaged throughout.” ~ Emma Gibson (Brand Strategist)

Laurie Smith Testimonial

“I commissioned Mich to run a workshop on digital habits and wellbeing at work for an audience of SME owners and managers. The workshop itself was very well received by the participants who took away lots of useful tips and tricks for managing their digital habits and for being more creative and productive at work. Mich pitched the workshop perfectly for the audience and we got great feedback.


Mich was very organised and thorough in her preparation. She adapted her theme to meet our audience’s needs and she delivered the topic in an engaging, warm and accessible way. I look forward to working with her again soon.”

Digital Health & Wellbeing Workshops

“The Digital Habits workshop was a fun and informative session with real-life application. Thoroughly enjoyed by all.” Catarina King


I recently attended a Growth session workshop on Technology and Wellbeing and it was insightful and full of practical actions. Highly recommended.” Simon Price


“Love your whole approach, the handouts and practical application! You make me want to do better and be more organised!” Justine Hodgkinson

Sirka Moore Testimonial

“I highly recommend Michelle’s workshops and Growth Sessions because they are well structured, relevant to every business person and especially, as she works with the group and makes sure all of our questions are answered.


Michelle knows how to put the participants into centre stage in her workshops, to engage the group and deliver the content in a fun way which makes the whole learning process more enjoyable and retainable.


I have attended two Growth Sessions so far. Both workshops were very relevant to me as a business owner and are helping me to keep the right balance with technology by utilising it for my business as a marketing tool and by keeping my exposure to it at a healthy level.” 

Bullet Journal Paper-Based Planning Workshops

“The session was informative. I loved the interactive nature and that it was about advisable ideas and really usable planning techniques, rather than a rigid framework.” Catarina King


“I have implemented what I have learned immediately and already feel the benefit, as it takes the pressure off me because I am more in control and keep on top of my tasks that need completing in a timely manner. I am holding myself accountable thanks to the BuJo, which had a very positive impact on my business.” Sirka Moore


“Super interactive, plenty of examples and enough time to practice. My review and forward planning is currently lacking and this will really help me to implement a system.” Alex Rees


“I loved the structured approach to becoming better organised.” John Hodgkinson


“I am still using my BuJo diary, and can tell if I let it slip for a week with how my organisation goes downhill, so it has been very good for me.” Isobel 

Sean Watts Testimonial

“I worked with Michelle doing Growth Sessions Mentoring in early 2019, to help me refresh and refine my focus after managing my small business for ten years. I was struggling to develop new business as an SME and I needed a kick start!


The process really worked. Michelle has a great style – relaxed, informative and yet authoritative in a way that held me accountable for my actions. The structure, documentation and Skype format combined to provide a thorough, flexible and enjoyable programme.


Growth Sessions Mentoring has enabled me to repurpose my goals for 2019 and build more structure to help me achieve what I need – and at the same time taking a more holistic view to my work, my health and my social life. I would certainly recommend Michelle to anyone in a similar situation needing to manage professional and personal transitions.”

General Comments on Talks & Workshops

“Informative, educative and quite a revelation to aid positive change.”


“Interesting, topical, relevant. Very informative. It’s relatable for all people and all work sectors.”


“I could personally relate to many aspects mentioned. Very clear and examples given allowed for easy understanding.”


“Excellent, insightful, informative”