Your Potential


By transforming the way you live and work.


Growth Sessions are a form of business performance coaching, brought to you by Michelle Bondesio.

For Leaders & Teams

in Tech & Creative Businesses

Growth Sessions business and performance coaching helps you to improve your business performance, enhance your creativity, boost your productivity and build a healthier work culture.


So that you and your business can thrive.

Why is this necessary?

Stress, burnout, and productivity issues cost business owners a lot more than just money.


Our business and professional performance are affected by the state of our health. Workplace wellbeing issues and poor productivity are on the rise due to several factors (both within and outside of the workplace).


What could you achieve, if you had more focus and less stress?


Imagine if you and your team felt more focused and creative, and less overwhelmed or agitated?


What if you could get more done in your business, without it burning you out?


Imagine if you and your team could build a better work-life cadence to help you do this?

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What would that help you do?

Feel more in control, so that you can do better work?

Get the right clients and make better money?

Feel peace of mind and sleep better at night?

Research shows that happy, healthy people

are 30% more productive, make 30% more sales

and are 3 times more creative.


(Meta-analysis by The School of Life

Improve Your Business

By Improving Your Performance

So that you can…

Work more effectively and produce better results.

Boost your focus, productivity and wellbeing.

Improve your communications and relationships.

Align your business purpose and personal goals.

Develop more mindful approaches to work.

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Growth Sessions business performance coaching helps you and your team to activate more of your potential, so that you, your team and your business can thrive.

Options Right For You

You can access Growth Sessions coaching and mentoring in the following ways, to help you activate your potential and improve your business performance.

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Mich Bondesio Growth Sessions Founder

Strategic Activation Sessions to help you develop, implement and activate change in your company.

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Topic-specific Talks & Workshops and short Self-Paced Online Courses to help you develop your skills.

What People Are Saying

I recently attended a Growth Sessions workshop on Technology and Wellbeing and it was insightful and full of practical actions. Highly recommended.” 

Simon Price, Lancashire Law School

“Something Mich does that many people do not, is listen. She learns about you and your team throughout the course and makes the sessions more relatable and valuable.”

Kieran Taylor Bradshaw

Snug Web Agency Director

“The coaching enabled me to repurpose my goals and build more structure to help me achieve what I need, whilst taking a more holistic view to my work, health and social life.”

Sean Watts, Talent Alchemy

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